The Girl on fire…

…I prefer saying the girl in the nutella pot but most of the people here have a different opinion.

Anyway, i promised to write something in English, so my Brazilians friends will be able to understand a bit too. The only problem is my English is not as good as my German, so there might be lots of mistakes. 

Lets go back to the „girl on fire“. 

It was a normal day here in Brazil. The temperature was high, the sun was shining and Debbie was happy… She woke up with a smile on her face because she knew the day was going to be perfect. Her Brazilian dad asked her to spent the day on the beach with her Host sister and her German friend… She got up really excited went straight to the bathroom and put her bikini on, then she left the house around 9am and drove with her host family to the beach… She was still smiling and she also remembered the day before, where she went to a beach too. But for you guys, there might be a little detail to consider, Debbie spent the day before on the beach without using any sunblock so she got a bit red. However, this was nothing serious as she was just a little bit red. As smart as she is she decided to be more careful on the next day and therefore she used a lot of sunblock. Every hour she put some of it on(safety factor 15)  to be protected…

She was feeling sooo so good, seriously, she just realised how great her brazilian life is, being on a beach with nearly white sand, drinking coconut water and listening to the sound of the waves breaking down near the cost… Drinking the coconut water made her feel like she was in a paradise so she didn’t realise the things happening around.



She didn’t notice that her skin was slowly changing from white to red… After a while she felt her back really hurting so she risked a view and realised: She has became a tomato because of the sun burnt!!!

Her friends started making fun of her, she was called the girl on fire, shrimp, tomato, or the suggestion of her host sister was to wear a red dress. This was the only way to keep her smiling because it hurted so much. She has never felt that sick ever, wasn’t even able to move her body without feeling hurt she couldn’t sleep very well and was nearly crying… She was also just about to faint. It only got better the next day when she started using a medicine which turned her into a snowman or a woman who is playing pantomime…


It was a hard lesson for her to learn, everyone told her to use sunblock. Her brazilians friends told her the sun here in Brazil is more aggressive than other areas but she didn’t believe it. To be honest, Debbie learned her lesson and she will never forget it. 

She is writing this to remind EVERYONE, who shares the same opinion as she did, to start using sunblock!!! No one should learn this on the way she did

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